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Stand-up, storytelling and plays from the stage


Dan’s always wanted to be a father. But now he and his wife are going through constant loss and IVF, he starts to ask the question: is he good enough? But in a year with a serious accident, an NHS-induced bad K-trip, a letter warning of impending death and, oh, aliens, he begins to wonder – is the universe telling him no? It’s a comedy. Somewhere between stand-up and theatre, this show explores how far you will go for family.


Two things were strange that morning - Dan had a hangover and couldn't remember the night before.  A slow recall of strange dreams slowly reveals the truth of children, childhood, love and heartbreak that slowly led to 'the incident' that has Dan questioning his entire being.


A man eats a meal on stage in the greatest cultural event of the year. Dan will eat a three-course meal live on stage in a 750 seat theatre.  Surrounded by a team of Fringe favourites and encouraged by super special guests, will he complete his meal? Who will win in the battle of Dan vs Food?


Dan was almost shot - and it's all Rupert Murdoch's fault. Kinda. A lefty snowflake somehow working at The Sun, fighting the choir of voices in his head leads him on a noble quest in this demonstrably true tale of love, adventure and song.


This is the story of cynical commuter Sam as he escapes his dreary monotone existence in an impulsive act of rebellion.  Finding himself in a dreary seaside side town out of season, Sam reluctantly helps The Knight on a valiant mission to find his magic voice and rescue The Lady in a quest for love.  The most noble quest of all.


Dan's got a strange problem. Three Dans fighting in one body: melancholy storyteller, outrageous stand-up turned Hollywood star and one-liner family man performing for the first time. A show that proves no matter how good you got it, you can always have it better. Oh, and that you should never volunteer for experimentation into alternative universes!


How to get ahead in Hollywood? Don't head butt an Oscar winning actress. Don't work with a naked Keith Chegwin. Never befriend anyone who says they're you from the future.

A one man show with two people, heartbreak, time-travel and some awful pish about following your dreams.

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