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Film & TV projects, scripts and productions


Following the death of his young adult son, vicar Noah Tripp renounces God, Faith and his care about the world at large.  At which point, God enters - taking over the body of his son's childhood cuddly toy, they talk about life, love, faith, the universe and everything over a game of chess with high stakes - the end of the world!


An agoraphobic clockmaker’s life is thrown upside down when he takes a chance on letting in his new neighbour with a misdelivered package and unexpected results.


A workplace sitcom set in a museum of the future where, with time-travel now possible, archeologists are true reporters of the past.  For Tom Coates, Museum Director, it's a logistical nightmare. And that's before the office politics, staff romances and his mysterious chairwoman. And the small issue of Mya Brown from 2020, who accidentally found a portal and is now smack-bang in the middle of the Christmas party.

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