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Look, I know it’s me writing this.  You know it’s me writing this.  But it sounds ridiculous if I write it as myself.  So, for the purpose of this page, please forgive me for writing in the third person:


At age 15, Dan got bitten by the creative bug, which, as you can imagine, delighted his parents.  Initially determined to be a writer of film & TV, in 2000 he took his short film ‘The Sun King’ to The Cannes Film Festival, where he accidentally headbutted Angelica Huston.

After gate-crashing a party and schmoozing with the mover and shakers, for a brief period his feature script version of ‘The Sun King’ had the eye of Michael Caine, with industry insiders dubbing it as ‘Capraesque’. 

Shortly after this, a sitcom co-written with his friend Ant Payne, titled ‘The Making Of..,’ garnered the eye of Channel 4.  During its development, one of the producers suggested Dan’s gag-writing could be further honed in front of a live crowd and thus begun Dan’s ‘career’ in stand-up and storytelling shows.  The producer is still to accept responsibility for further ruining his life.

Now with 7 Edinburgh Fringe/Festival shows under his belt and an 8th on the way, Dan is currently continuing his live work, writing a memoir with musician Nicky Moore on his life, and developing several TV and feature scripts, one of which he is intending to produce and direct as a low-budget independent in late 2020.

Dan has made several appearances on Radio, including on BBC Radio 4’s ‘Lemn Sissay’s Social Enterprise’, co-orchestrated a huge charity event at the Pleasance Grand in Edinburgh called Dan Vs Food, in which a cast of 25+ comedians (including Phil Wang, Ed Gamble, Iain Stirling, Nick Helm, Sophie Duker and Ivo Graham) watched him eat his lunch, appeared nightly on the live tour of comedy medium and cult favourite Shirley Ghostman, and co-created, wrote and performed on the scripted podcast ‘Drinking with Jesus’.

Dan has many diseases, had broken many bones and is, in many ways, a wonder of medical science.

'Deploys winning turns of phrase [and] creates a warm cocoon of empathy'  Chortle

'Comical, suspenseful and sweet in turn'  Three Weeks Magazine

'Makes you feel there's a little more magic in the world'

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