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Words to unwritten songs

After I'd begun writing, but long before I started performing comedy, I used to write lyrics at an alarming rate.  Not funny, actual serious trying to be a song lyrics.  I even had singing lessons for 7 years, until my tutor, who had already been giving me them free for 2 years, asked me if maybe it was time we just accepted that I wasn't very good.  Anyway, I still write lyrics and had them accepted by a site called 'Premium Lyrics'.  You can licence them from there or get in touch if you want me to write something new on

Image by Pawel Nolbert


So I start to wonder can love turn as hard as hate
So I start to wonder does this heart beat hard to hurt
Then I look across at you and the city lights you up
Like God’s Hymn to the Universe

Image by Gabriel

You thought your thoughts would change the world
But you exchanged it at the counter for a dollar cheque and a girl
You’re the one to keep it out of reach
You’re rich with your talk but they say talk is cheap
The truth is locked between the secrets that you keep

Image by Zachary Shea


All these lies are spinning round
Breaking between the land and sea
But if the night belongs to you now
Then the day…. the day belongs to me

Image by Patrick Fore

I was drowning in the deepness
Til’ you swam down to give me air
The thing that keeps me swimming up tide
Is that I know you’ll be there

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