Heaven, I'm in heaven...

I’ve been busy lately, which is upsetting, as I’m no longer used to having to do…. Well, anything, other than layabout bemoaning about...

Patience: Zero/We’ve met again

It’s been a while since I wrote to you, my great readership of 2-3 people, but you’ll have to forgive me, it’s now 120 days into my own...

Patience : Zero/The Limping Dead

The idiocy of starting a blog when you're bed bound hits home, empathy takes hold, and Harrison Ford does his best to liven things up.

Patience: Zero/The Bone Corrector

I've got sugary snacks, a new recovery regime and a new bed desk. So, we all know what that means. I'm going to catch a killer..

Patience: Zero/Fit in Bits

It turns out that if you break a few bones, you can break a few resolutions - and stuff your face stupid with whatever you want.

Patience: Zero/ The K Hole

An accident, a hospital visit, and some NHS administered drugs left me facing an unexpected problem - aliens trying to torture me.