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Live Comedy Storytelling Show 2022

Somewhere between stand-up and theatre, this is the tale of a struggle to become a parent – through multiple losses and rounds of IVF. 


Dan always wanted to be a father - after 7 years of Dan and his wife trying, Dan is still asking the universe, is he ready to be a Dad? And considering his genetically weird DNA – should he really be passing this on? – and his continuing tendency for damaging accidents, is his wife’s stoicism in the face of all this enough to see them through? After the latest accident, Dan does start to worry – is the universe telling him no?

About the Show

Whilst the show started as a rather light-hearted treatise on my suitability for being a parent, events conspired to change this into something a little deeper than anything else I've done on stage - still doing my best to get laughs, but being far more honest about the emotional impact of trying to conceive a child under the weight of fertility struggles and loss.  Despite struggling to gain an audience (possibly due to a rather early start-time), I got the best media reviews I've ever had, and a reaction I've never had before from audiences - there was laughter, but this time, also tears and a wonderful response from people entrusting me with their own similar stories after the show.

“His ability to create laughs and be funny while dealing with strong and difficult emotions made this a heart-squeezing and heart-warming story".  Chortle.




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