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Scripted Podcast

Drinking with Jesus is a podcast that began as an extra pod to Dan and Christian’s ‘Another Serial Killer Podcast’, about serial killer Paddy Gowl. Retreating to the pub after each recording, they soon realised their post pod pub chats about the day’s episode could make an interesting ‘extra’ pod.

That was the intention. But they soon abandoned all thoughts of any serial killer podcast.

It all went off kilter the second they met the new bartender.


A scripted podcast written and performed by me, Dan, and comedy writer and actor, Christian Talbot.

Upon retreating to the pub to record extra material for their serial-killer podcast, Dan and Christian soon went off track when they met the new bartender, who claimed to be Jesus Christ.  With His wild stories and claims He is hiding from a group called 'The Iscariots', rebel priests intent on betraying Him into meeting his destiny, Dan and Christian soon find themselves drawn into His scary world.

Currently on hiatus and in hiding.  It may come back if, ironically, Dan and Christian get out the pub long enough to write it.

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