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A Chapbook Novel

Having experienced death taking the love of his life, prominent Victorian barrister George White, in fit of anger and madness, invents the restraining order, winning his case forcing Death to remain no less than 100 yards from him at all times.

Over 100 years later, with Death now seeming to have given up a few decades past on their habit of showing up to plead with George to let him near (always shouted from the requisite distance), George spots his old nemesis in a park.  And Death's work will never get done as long as this old codger's still standing.  Well, mainly sitting, these days.  But the point itself still stands.

So begins a battle over 100 years in the making.....


Back in the day, old Charlie Dickens often released his novel's in chapbooks, part by part, over a number of months.  And i don't see why that should only be reserved for the revered and talented.

I'm just writing this for fun, but if anyone is interested, I'll write the next part.  And then the next.  After a while, you might have a whole story done and dusted.  Download below...

If the opening intrigues you enough, let me know, and I'll write part 2 for you to enjoy.  I'll even cover a bigger chunk of story next time.  

If you do let me know, I will email you with an update once the next part is up.

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